Iowa's Very Own Mental Illness Anti-Stigma Web Site. Neat, huh?

We've all seen it... A mother describes her child as "difficult" rather than using the word "autistic." A woman looks in disgust at the man on the street corner wearing odd clothing, mumbling to himself. People laughing behind their hands at the elderly woman struggling to remember where she lives. These are all examples of stigma - negative connotations - towards mental illness. HOPE TALKS is hoping to combat this stigma.

Mental illness can affect anyone"How are you going to do that?" you may well ask. "How can you stop something as pervasive as stigma?" Well, gentle and patient reader, we're doing several things. First is information through this very Web site (see "Stigma Information"). The second thing we're doing is sending speakers - real live people who have experienced mental illness - out into the community to share their experiences through speaking engagements (see "HOPE TALKS"). That's where we got the "Hope Talks" title, by the way. Get it? People talking about hope... Giving talks in the community... Hope Talks... Well, we thought it was clever.

Please peruse the links up at the top there at your leisure, and let us know if you have any questions.

We're able to bring you this very interesting and vaguely colorful Web site and the Hope Talks speaking program thanks to a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). They do good work. Yay, SAMHSA!


The phenomenon whereby an
individual with an attribute which is deeply discredited
by his or her
society is rejected
as a result of
that attribute.


Bad vision.
A completely
different thing altogether.

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